The Girl’s Christmas List

The girl, verbatim:

OK. I’ve given some thought to this year. Archery set  with 5 arrows and a multi-color target. Must be compound and a lefty bow. Mom and Dad are getting me this. I know that already. My Sims 2 or 3 for the computer — computer version is just more fun. Animal Crossing City Folk, for Wii or DS, whichever. My Sims Kingdom, DS or Wii. Wii is preferred. I read the review, OK? That’s about it. Sorry if a few don’t completely fit the budget. But it isn’t too bad. I would be asking for an iPhone. Now which sounds better? Thanks again. Please forward to whom else it may concern!!

G-parents, Santa and other gift-giving folks, consider yourself notified.

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2 Responses to The Girl’s Christmas List

  1. Now I’m thankful that my girls’ lists came straight from the American Girl catalog. At least I won’t need to take out a second mortgage for their gifts. Good luck.

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