A Day Off

Monday I used one of my last remaining vacation days. I went off the grid for about eight hours — a needed break. How did I use the day? I met a dear friend for lunch at a restaurant I’d been wanting to try.  I walked around downtown, enjoying the luxury of time to do so, and I shopped. I mentioned this on Twitter on the night of my day of leisure, but I saw a cashmere sweater for $130 — infant-sized! Only in Charlottesville, I thought. Anyone want to guess where I found the sweater?

I spent a long, indulgent chunk of time in the yarn store. One or two of you might remember that I took up knitting somewhat recently, teaching myself via YouTube. So far, I’ve made a couple of giant rectangles which, if you’re the forgiving sort, you’ll let me call “scarves.” I’m a determined little knitter, though and keep at it no matter what. I can’t get the purl stitch down to save my life, though so I think I’m going to have to go back to The Needle Lady and beg for mercy (they generously offered that I could come anytime for some help). While I was there I fell in love with some yarn that I bought but will save until I get a little more yarn-worthy (the good stuff anyway) I will knit up.

It was a nice day and a good break.

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I'm a public relations professional, social media consultant and work-at-home-mom living and working in Charlottesville, Va. I'm Marijean Jaggers and this is my blog.
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3 Responses to A Day Off

  1. I just love days like that. Hopefully, I’ll have one myself soon.

  2. Ma Jaggers says:

    I will teach you the purl stitch. It really is easy. I’ll bring my knitting project and we can knit together.


  3. Beth says:

    That sweater has to be at Petit Bebe! Only in Charlottesville.

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