C’ville Pie Down: The Challenge

Cran-Raspberry Lattice Pie

Cran-Raspberry Lattice Pie

On Friday, Jamie Schwartz @brownautogal of Brown Auto in Charlottesville pondered via Twitter who might bake the best pies in Charlottesville. In a moment of extreme hubris, I replied that I, of course, am the Pie Master and then challenged The Food Geek, Brian Geiger to the C’ville Pie Down; a pie-against-pie event to see which one of us can produce the best pies.

Since all this interaction took place on Twitter, a panel of judges self-assembled rather quickly. The four include our Simon Cowell, @stevewhitaker, our Randy Jackson, @joemeade; our Paula Abdul, Cindy Maisannes @cmaisannes and our not-Paula, Sara Gould @sajego. Others, of course, jumped into the conversation with offers to host, taste and of course, attend what now looks like THE C’ville blogger/Twitter(er) event of the season.

I’m suddenly afraid; very afraid.

The judges began their discussion of parameters; format, number of pies, location, etc. on a wiki to which you can add your two cents.

The date is still to be determined but it will likely be a Sunday afternoon. Stay tuned for additional details.

Meanwhile, I’ll be pondering my best pie offerings. It’s shaping up to look like an apple and what we think our “best” pie is — if you’ve tasted any of my pies, feel free to let me know which you think is my “signature” pie. I, of course, have some strong contenders, but have not yet decided which I will enter into competition. I’m excited though; it should be an all-in-good-fun event and a great way to gather some of our favorite online friends in person.

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7 Responses to C’ville Pie Down: The Challenge

  1. Jay Thompson says:

    Even though I haven’t been back in over 40 years, this event makes be proud to have been born in Charlottesville.

    Let me know if you need an address to ship a pie to. I’ll give you an unbiased opinion.

  2. Marijean says:

    Jay, this event is a reason to return to Charlottesville! Thanks for reading.

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  4. Ginger Germani says:

    MJ, given your confidence in your pie-making prowess, I can’t imagine that you’ll lose. However, I most give you serious props for Visual Appeal! That is a seriously professional looking pie!

  5. Cindy Maisannes says:

    Wait, I’m Paula? Actually, that’s liberating — bring on the pre-pie libations!

  6. Jamie says:

    Im so excited I cant stand it.. thanks for the shout out! 🙂

  7. Have to admit, I make an ok pie. But my Mom (hi mom in heaven) made the BEST homemade old fashion apple pie ever! Wish I had more experience!

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