WCAV CBS-19 Blog of the Week: Family Hack

WCAV CBS-19 Blog of the Week Video: Family Hack

I look like I’m having a lot more fun when I’m featuring a blog that I really like, don’t I?

This week’s blog of the week, Family Hack, authored by Michael Davis and Hannah Russell Davis (with appearances by their three adorable kids) – read the delightfully snarky bios) is popular (over a million hits a month) for good reason.

It’s FUNNY. It shares USEFUL content, including, one if its most popular categories, Household Tips. It APPEALS TO A BROAD AUDIENCE. It offers visuals and video, when video is helpful. It’s not preachy and is irreverent enough to annoy some puritanical folks. (The blog, as Michael pointed out to an offended commenter, is for adults, written by adults. This is not Hints from Heloise in your local newspaper.)

This is how you do a successful mainstream blog, people.

Thanks to Michael, (whom I secretly adore. Oops, guess I let that one out of the bag) Hannah and the kids for being available and willing to be featured in the blog of the week segment. I’m sure it didn’t do much to juke your stats (one million and ONE!) but I know readers of THIS blog will love www.familyhack.com

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  2. We’ve taken a vote and decided to adopt you as an honorary member of the Davis clan. It wasn’t a slam dunk. We had to promise Susie you were made out of chocolate. We hope you don’t mind the biting.

    Hannah, on the other hand, was a pushover. She’s now your biggest fan. I guess calling a woman’s children “adorable” on TV carries a little weight. Who knew?

    Thanks again for everything. You are now in our will.

    Big Sloppy Kisses,
    The Davis Brood

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