WCAV CBS-19 Blog of the Week: CASPCA

This week’s featured blog is the Charlottesville Albemarle SPCA blog

Special thanks to Suzanne Kogut, John Dove (the Web master), Frank Haar and Willis Logan, driving forces behind this fantastic nonprofit blog. The CASPCA is a collaborative, community effort providing information on resources for pets, pet fosters and pet adoption.

Dog and cat fans, the CASPCA needs your help to foster animals now more than ever; people are having a hard time paying for medical care for their pets and many pets are ending up at the shelter, needing a new home, foster care and the organization needs financial help, too.  If you’re a dog and/or cat lover, consider a donation (every little bit helps).

Gratuitous Clover Shot

Gratuitous Clover Shot

Watch the video clip.

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  2. Amy Eastlack says:

    Several CASPCA animals in our zoo! Daughter had birthday party there and is going to camp in a few weeks there too – can’t wait. Hadn’t seen the blog until now though – thanks for sharing Marijean!

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