Puppies: It’s a Good Thing They’re Cute.

Clover will now let Starbuck within two feet of him. on TwitpicWe’ve had Starbuck for a week.

Today, when my husband came home, I said, “Welcome to la maison de la merde.” So goes the puppy training. It’s not that I’m really losing it, but I guess I’m a bit impatient. It has been eight years since I’ve trained a puppy, and of course, since I work from home, the training, and the accident cleanup, largely falls on my shoulders. And after about the fifth time of taking her out and then having her pee on the carpet within a minute of being back in the house, I get a little annoyed. Like I said, it’s a good thing puppies are cute.

Clover is tolerating Starbuck a bit more every day. He’ll let her get within a few feet of him without growling her off or running into the next room. She still enjoys chasing him around the house, though. We were all surprised when she climbed the entire flight of stairs by herself. It was, of course, to get to Clover.

Starbuck 024Starbuck is pretty smart, despite the potty training issues. Here she is helping the girl with her Algebra. She hasn’t mastered differential equations yet, but give her time. She’s only three months old.

Tonight she discovered that, yikes, there’s a dog outside the sunroom when it’s dark out and (Woof!) she looks just like  her! That was pretty entertaining.

The boy is completely nonplussed by the puppy. Wait. Who am I kidding? The boy is nonplussed by darn near everything. This dog, included. He has referred to her alternately as “dog number two” and “Satan.” He ought to be grateful for one thing; at least the new puppy smell has distracted me from the odor emanating from his room.

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3 Responses to Puppies: It’s a Good Thing They’re Cute.

  1. I am going throw the same thing with my little dog she is 4lb and too cute for her own good.

  2. CC says:

    I am going throw the same thing with my little dog she is 4lb and too cute for her own good.

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