I won as Liza Minelli, and you just have to read this.

Last night I went to a grownups Halloween party with my daughter. The girl was one of three friends the daughter of the grownups having the party was allowed to invite. I was one of 80 grownups the parents invited. The husband left me hanging; such is his disdain for Halloween and for dressing up, but I decided to go anyway.

In a last minute sprint I scoured the town for leftover bits to create a Halloween costume. I scared myself with a flapper costume two sizes too small and my first pair of crazy false eyelashes. At some point I thought, OH! I’m Cabaret-era Liza, and went with it, sporting black fishnets, fringe and some bright red lipstick. (BTW, how weird is it that three times as many people wanted to see me with my hair in foils as wanted to see the fishnet and fringe photo? You guys are a strange bunch.)

There were awkward moments at the party, as any adult Halloween party, I imagine (this was my first). I didn’t know anyone but the hosts and of course no one looked as they normally do. (Is that her real hair? Is that guy really that creepy or is he just being “in character”) I had fun, though, and even broke into a Charleston with fringe a-flyin’.

And then I won the best “adult” costume award. I think this mortified my daughter who said my costume was pushing the limits of mom-appropriateness. (Yes, it was tight. Yes, it was short — I didn’t sit down all evening). But I won! A PRIZE! For dressing up like Liza and pretending that 77 strangers were friends!

On another note:

You must read this post by my blogger friend Jaelithe. It is about pie and love and family and it’s touched me so much I’ve read it three times and want to save it in a Big Book of Best Blog Posts Ever.


This book, which I pre-ordered before PW even started writing it, arrived in the mail.


I have mentioned it before, but I love, love, love Ree Drummond, her blog, her recipes, her photos – and now I have this gorgeous cookbook. You should buy one, too. And another for someone you love who loves to cook. I’m not being paid for this. I think I just thought of three women I love who would like this book for the holidays. Bet you did, too.

OK. Let’s review. Awkward Halloween story. Awesome pie post. Pioneer Woman cookbook.

One more thing: thank you all for your guidance in the Family Photo War. I am trying to let go of my inner control freak, but I’m also eager to hear what Grandma has to say. I’ll let you all know how the whole mess turns out.

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