Cville Blog of the Week: Dried Figs and Wooden Spools

I’m a new fan of this blog: and I think you will be, too. Here’s why.

dried figsGillian Grimm proved a lovely subject for this week’s featured blog. Check out the segment’s teaser piece.

I asked Gillian to tell us a little bit about her blog:

“The blog came about as a way for me to keep track of my own projects. I’ve always loved writing and blogging offered a great outlet to get my writing willies out and chatter about my various projects. I had actually been writing it for a few months before I even told anyone about it. Originally I focused mostly on cooking but these days I also write about crafts and the renovation projects we are doing on our house. The best part is that, on top of allowing me to write what I love, it’s led to some great professional writing opportunities for me as well.
I have between 20 and 40 readers per day and try to post something at least three times a week, although I shoot for four or five. I’ve had some great feedback from readers. Several of them email me directly which has been fun, almost like having a modern day pen pal.
The next big projects around the house are creating a storage and work space for all the projects I’ve always got going and renovating the mudroom. I’ve got some Christmas recipes coming up including a cranberry stuffing and a type of gravy I learned to make when we lived in Ireland. I’m also getting ready to crack open my Christmas fruitcakes in a few weeks and have a whole series of winter crafts in the works. I’m working on a set of modern felt mini trees, a yarn ball wreath and an advent calendar.
As for how I do it all. Well, of course I don’t do it all, all the time. And I have a great family that tolerates all the crazy things I’ve always got going. I do like to keep busy and work best under pressure so I’m generally working on lots of things at once. I try to be organized and have places for everything (which doesn’t always work since we are in the middle of renovating) but as far as I can it helps to keep things going smoothly.”
Thanks again to Gillian for agreeing to be featured on BOTW and for being an inspiration for us all!

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  1. loresinger says:

    I so understand that juggling! I think you might enjoy something I just heard:

    I listened to this great radio program on Monday that featured Mommy Millionaire Kim Lavine. She was interviewed on Conversations Live with Vicki St.Clair and had some great ideas for making extra money, whether you’re currently unemployed, want to start your own biz, or already working as an entrepreneur!

    Kim wrote THE MOMMY MANIFESTO based on her business smarts and said her single biggest success factor was having the nerve to “go for it.” If you’d like to hear more for yourself you can tune into a free podcast here at any time:

    Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

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