Healthy Living, and Falling off the Wagon

Last night I cut myself some slack. One of my best friends in the world is in town and we wanted to go out to dinner. We ended up at C & O where I had the Steak Chinoise (if you’re going to go to C & O, you must have the Steak Chinoise) with some buttery mashed potatoes, some lovely red wine and chocolate espresso pot de creme for dessert.

Not exactly weight watching food, I know.

But I decided that sometimes taking really good care of yourself means indulging in a delectable evening with some of your very best friends, laughing and talking and eating really delicious food. Once in awhile! Not all the time!

It was totally worth it.

HOWEVER, the next morning I slept to an unheard of 9:20am – I honestly do not know how the puppy waited till then to go outside. Unfortunately my healthy living appointment at the eye doctor was at 9am. So much for that. They did let me reschedule the appointment for later in the afternoon so I did keep that promise to myself, and fit in 30 minutes of yoga this morning despite half the day being gone already.

I DO think it’s OK to fall of the wagon every once in awhile and sometimes taking really good care of yourself isn’t all the obvious healthy stuff — it’s taking the time to surround yourself with people you love, and living in the moment.

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  1. I’ll raise a pint of Haagen Dazs dulce de leche to that.

  2. Slava says:

    It was so worth it, MJ. We had such a wonderful evening!

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