Jars of Pie (With a Pie Giveaway!)

By on Jul 5, 2010 in Life of Pie | 59 comments

I don’t know what’s gotten into me.

I have spent the early morning hours of this holiday weekend baking dozens of pies. People who follow me on Twitter are, by now, puzzled. I’ve been tweeting about baking pies eight at a time. They must think I’ve lost my mind.

Half pint Ball Mason Jars

What I neglected to mention is that these pies are individually sized — pies for personal enjoyment. These pies are not meant for sharing!

The jars are half-pint Mason jars, just the right size for a pie that can be created, baked, cooled, sealed and stored in the freezer — or shipped, if need be.

A batch of my super flaky crust recipe makes about 16 jars of pie. Lining the jars with crust is the most time-consuming part of this project.

I made a test batch of Butterscotch Pecan pies a couple of weeks ago. I was overzealous and filled the jars too high. They spilled over and couldn’t be sealed in their jars. My neighbors loved them.

This weekend I have been busy making blueberry pies, Butterscotch Pecan (capitalized because it is my signature pie) and dozens of gorgeous little peach pies.

And now, I want YOU to have one. Leave a comment below and tell me whether you like peach, pecan or blueberry. I will choose a winner at 4pm Eastern on Tuesday, July 6, 2010 using a random number generator. Depending on where you live, I will decide how the pie is delivered to you and when. (Yes, I can ship a pie in a jar.)

Good luck, pie people!

****Pie Giveaway ended at 4pm Eastern****

*****We have a winner*****

Congratulations Jeff Gaffney! There’s a Jar of Butterscotch Pecan Pie heading your way!