Kayak Stolen in Charlottesville; Twitter Network Locates

By on Jul 28, 2010 in Charlottesville | 11 comments

Sometime late last week, someone (or more likely two someones), came into our gated back yard uninvited, and left with our kayak. My husband called me to ask if I’d lent the kayak to a friend, an unlikely but possible scenario. Sadly, I hadn’t and it was obvious that someone had stolen it.

For the first time since I’ve moved to Charlottesville my faith was shaken. I love where we live and have always felt safe, but this incident left me angry and feeling violated.

It took some effort for the thieves to remove the kayak — a tandem — it is long and heavy and would take two people to move and load it onto a vehicle to cart it away. You’d have to know us pretty well or have been hanging around our property to even know it was there. The forethought that went into the job unnerved me further.

Never one to keep information to myself, I tweeted to my network to let them know what was happening.

And then,  because I know what you like, I said this:

And within a couple of hours, one of the people who follow me on Twitter spotted it at Play it Again Sports, a used sporting goods store only three miles from my house. Unbelievably, it was definitely our kayak, complete with aftermarket updates we’d added.

In short, the story isn’t over — the police are involved, we don’t have our kayak back yet, but the store — and the police –  knows exactly who brought it to them and who was paid for the stolen merchandise.

I’m still plenty angry but grateful to my Twitter network for seeking justice on my behalf.

I hope to have another update for you in the next couple of days. In the meantime, I owe somebody a pie.


I have, indeed, baked a pie for Brenden Grace and his beautiful wife. It was an award-winning Peaches and Cream Pie. They ate it last night. Also? The perp has been apprehended. The kayak is in police custody. Paperwork is being filed and shuffled and . . . we’re planning a “Our Kayak’s Back” party upon its return.

Peaches and cream kayak pie

We may just call it Kayak Pie from now on.