Love and the (Hand) Written Word

The girl has a boyfriend. OK, that may not be news to those of you who follow me on Twitter or have befriended either me or the girl on Facebook. But for those of you who didn’t know — SIT DOWN — IT’S OK. She’s 14. And they’re not really going on couple dates and neither one of them can drive, so they’re pretty much always with a group or a parent.

Anyway. The girl has a boyfriend and said boyfriend has been far away at a camp for WEEKS. The camp has no internet. No cell phones. No phones. No fax machines (what’s that?) or other forms of communication that periodically require electricity.

She has been getting letters. Handwritten, in an envelope with an address and a stamp, arriving in the mailbox, letters.

It’s adorable.

Not only is she getting letters, she’s WRITING them. I honestly can’t think of any other scenario that would make this kid (or any other kid of this generation) hand write letters and mail them.

I hope that these letters and the memories of the anticipation and the summer of writing stay with her for a lifetime.

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5 Responses to Love and the (Hand) Written Word

  1. Sean Tubbs says:

    Thanks for posting this. The handwritten is so much more important in our day and age and this is going to inspire me to do something similar quite soon.

  2. Molly Fulton says:

    Oh, hope is alive! The handwritten note is a thing of beauty. I still have a box of overseas airmail letters from my first love. This is good.

    BTW-love the new pie masthead.

  3. Jim Herndon says:

    I cannot believe Mr. Jaggers is allowing this to go on. The next thing you know is she’ll be wanting to checkout audio books for the vacation “drive”. I, too, hope she keeps the desire to write for a lifetime. It will serve her well in case there is ever a run on AA Batteries at the WalMart during a thunderstorm.

  4. Good for her – I hope she’s posting “SWAL bc a Kiss wouldn’t do” on the backs of the envelopes. I had a bunch of my “GF” letters for a long time.

    And good practice for her later in life. Stupid Bar Mitzvah thank you notes got me into the habit of writing them post-interviews.

  5. Jen says:

    That is so adorable! Hand written notes are such a rarity these days. I recently came across a hand written note that I sent to my grandmother when I was a little girl. What a keepsake!

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