Kayakgate: The Next Chapter

By on Aug 13, 2010 in Charlottesville | 23 comments

Some of you have followed the news that our kayak was stolen from our home several weeks ago. Subsequently, my Twitter followers helped locate it at the local Play it Again Sports. We verified ownership by producing a receipt for the kayak, photos of us with the kayak, and clearly showing after-market modifications for which we also have receipts. There was no doubt in anyone’s mind that the kayak is ours.

Sadly, that’s not enough.

The police officer working on the case has taken all the right steps. Unfortunately, the person who was compensated for the stolen kayak at the used sporting goods store is not the person who brought it there (this, according to the store, and the person whose contact information was logged by the store when the kayak was brought to them.) Interestingly, the store recently remembered that the person who brought in the kayak “forgot” their ID and his friend produced his ID in his place. Since that person will NOT reveal who brought in the kayak, we’re upriver with no paddle.

The police don’t have anyone to charge.

Play it Again is upset because they’re out the money they bought the used kayak for (several hundred dollars) and are not yet allowed to resell it.

I’m sick over it because there my boat sits, three miles from my house, under “arrest” from the county police and no criminal to charge in the case.

I wish there were a way for this to work out. I wish the people involved would be moved to do the right thing, here. I wish the guy who presented his ID at the store would realize that his “friend” is a lying jerk thief and turn him in. I wish the guy (with the ID)’s parents would read him the riot act and make him ‘fess up.

I wish a lot of things. But mostly I just want my kayak back.

If anyone has ideas about how this might get resolved, or has any information in the case (or a burning desire to buy a used kayak) let me know.