Spanish Pepper and Chorizo Pie

Our friends Brian and Melanie were coming over for dinner — and not just any dinner, but for promised savory pie.

The pie I decided to make is Spanish Pepper and Chorizo Pie, a recipe from the book Pie, a collection of mostly savory creations by a British author.

I took my time making the pie — I had all day to get the house ready and dinner made, so I started by making the pastry in the morning.

There are three kinds of meat in this pie; chorizo, pork loin and Serrano ham (I still haven’t been able to find local Serrano ham so at the advice of my butcher, used prosciutto instead.) The meat (except for the prosciutto) needed to be cooked and finely diced, so I did that and prepared the vegetables ahead of time as well.

And then I took a nap . . . (I’d barely slept the night before so I took the opportunity to get a short snooze before I had to finish everything up.)

Back at it, cooking the onions and peppers in butter, adding minced garlic, red chili pepper and chopped parsley, then incorporating the meat mixture.

All that deliciousness goes into the pie shell, gets topped with crust, brushed with egg and prepped for a 350 oven.

Baking and cooling time totals up to almost an hour and a half — this is in no way a quick and easy dinner solution.

It turned out well, and we happily devoured it along with great company and a good Spanish wine.

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3 Responses to Spanish Pepper and Chorizo Pie

  1. Harold says:

    this looks yummy. any chance i can get the recipe?

  2. David says:

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  3. Bryan Bear says:

    am cooking this pie this weekend, any recommendations for side dishes that go well with it? was thinking spicey wedges and salad (and maybe a homemade salsa).

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