Sleep Wanderings

I had that dream again last night; the one where I’m in an underground shopping mall, or an enormous airport (sometimes a university campus, or a parking garage, or an unknown city). I’m trying to get where I need to be, but there are so many detours and stops, elevators and escalators, buildings and doors that are not where they are supposed to be. There are often other people in and out of the dream. I can spend, seemingly, a whole night trying to get where I’m going and never reach my destination. Last night, Oprah and Tina Fey were in my dream. I’m not sure why. I also had my car towed from the dream parking lot.

I know dreams like this are my brain’s way of trying to work something out. I’ve read that these dreams are often related to business or one’s work life — makes sense that I would have the dream on a Sunday night, as I subconsciously ponder the navigation of the work week ahead.

It’s unsettling, though, how often I wander in my sleep. In the dream I’m clear what I’m looking for, but on waking, that is gone, and I’m left feeling a little lost.

I hope whatever is happening there serves a purpose and helps me to figure out what I need to. Shopping with Oprah is not as fun as it might sound.

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