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Mom Blogs that Rock: New Mom, Old Mom

This is Michelle, a real-life friend of mine, and sometimes-colleague (Michelle has worked at Standing Partnership as a staff member and freelance partner). Her blog is New Mom, Old Mom where Michelle shares the stories that come from simultaneously parenting a … Continue reading

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Mom Blogs that Rock: Traveling with Baby

This is Dr. Dolly and this is her blog.  That’s right — she’s a working mom, a doctor AND a blogger. And you think YOU have no time. Dr. Dolly offers up really helpful and practical parenting tips on Traveling … Continue reading

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Mom Blogs that Rock: Self-Made Mom

This is Sara. This is Sara’s blog. Once upon a time, Sara and I sat in a crowded conference room at BlogHer and IM’d each other until we met face to face. I’d been reading her blog; she’d been reading … Continue reading

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Mom Blogs that Rock!

Starting tomorrow, I will be publishing a weekly series called “Mom Blogs that Rock!” The series will feature some of my favorite blogs and bloggers, mostly of the mom persuasion. If you blog or read a blog that you think … Continue reading

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