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Charlottesville Blog of the Week: SuzySaid C’ville

Here’s my interview with Amy Eastlack of SuzySaid C’ville: How did you get involved with SuzySaid? SuzySaid was started by a childhood friend of mine (and no her name isn’t Suzy). We went to K – 12 together in Minnesota. … Continue reading

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Need a New Job? Look No Further than the Top 100

At some point in my career, I finally gave myself the permission I deserved all along; to work for a great place to work and not limit myself to anything less. I found one, and I’m very happy and feel … Continue reading

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Job Loss in Your Future? Try Work Flipping

At this point, everyone knows at least one working mom on her way out of the workforce, due to a layoff, downsizing or schedule conflicts. I encourage any mom facing this scenario to look at it as an opportunity to … Continue reading

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Sometimes it Takes a Man to do a Working Mom’s Job

Fresh from three weeks of abandoning my husband to be mom, dad, dog-buddy, cook and driver, I’m feeling grateful for the guy who steps up when my schedule outweighs his. It balances out, as I’ve done the same for him … Continue reading

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About Dads and Daughters

My husband and my daughter are spending some quality time together lately as I travel a bit for work. I always enjoyed the times I had my dad to myself and have always been fortunate to have a dad (and … Continue reading

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